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Why choose Brix?

At Brix Security, we have an experienced team that consists of the best individuals the Security industry has to offer. Each member of the team has extensive experience in the many aspects of Security. Apart from experience, all of our investigators are highly qualified and hold top levels of Security certification. Only upon passing training and examination are members selected.

Do I need security?

Criminals seek out sites with little or no security coverage to commit crimes. Theft, mischief and reckless acts minimize overall company profits and increase shrink and damages.  Security officials ensure that their designated sites are operating without interruption from a variety crimes. Not only does Security increase the functionality of a site, it also provides a safer environment for all.

What is the difference between uniformed and plainclothes loss prevention?

Establishing the type of Security personnel you are most in need of is highly important. Ask yourself what kind of crimes you are dealing with or seeking to prevent. For clients who are concerned with theft and mischief, both uniformed and plainclothes loss prevention are excellent solutions. If your aim is to visually deter theft, then uniformed officials will best suit your business needs. If you want more extensive investigations, then plainclothes investigators will prove more than competent.

How many security officials do i need?

The number of Security personnel you will require depends on the type of business you are engaging in and the amount of criminal activity in your area. Judging by these factors you may need only one official, or in some places there may be a need for multiple personnel to attend in a set day. For events, it is best to judge by the number of attendees. One guard for every 20-25 people is a fair approximation. Factors that can affect the number of guards needed can include alcohol consumption and the nature of the event you are hosting.